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Sell your used items instantly for cash at a premium price.
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Decentralized, Commerce.


Egoras Marketplace is the core of our network. Our unique re-commerce system allows sellers to sell used or bad items at a premium price also knowing that the value of funds is stable.

Smart Incentives

All transactions on Egoras marketplace generate fees that are distributed to buyers, rewarding them for creating value on the system. Smart incentives are distributed to users according to the value of the items purchased on Egoras marketplace.

Stable Token

The Egoras Dollar is the fuel for our ecosystem. Our stable token is anchored to the value of 1 value of united states dollar. The stable token creates a highly effective global economy where sells and buyers can do transact safely without volatility.

Global Commerce.

Egoras intend to create a global Re-commerce platform for everyone, globally. Removing barriers and allow anyone to transact with anyone else, anytime, anywhere and also connecting people all around the world with to a platform with an equal playing field between the banked and unbanked.

Despite the level of globalization today, it remains difficult to transact across borders. Egoras intends to break this barrier by introducing its stable currency which is supported by modern blockchain technologies, with stable price-anchoring hard-coded into the system.

The pricing of the Egoras Dollar is relatively stable; it is pegged to the value of united states dollar and backed by cryptocurrency collaterals.

The Egoras Marketplace.



Built on ethereum blockchain which isn’t regulated by any central authority which implies that the buyer and seller only control transactions. Thus, no third party can look over or manipulate your transactions.


Egoras marketplace is built from the ground up on ethereum blockchain and the Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT which Ethereum blockchain boasts, offer excellent security for online database platforms that makes it ideal for implementation in Re-Commerce.


No more shady deals, all inventories can be tracked on the ethereum blockchain. Egoras Re-Commerce marketplace facilitates the conduction of transactions in a frictionless and efficient manner.


A multidisciplinary team with proven ability to deliver complex solutions

Ugoji Harry Product

Izunna Isdore Legal

Onoseme Mudiaga Moses Design

Chidubem Micheal Engineering

Partha bardhan Community Manager

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